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When it comes to roasting, you usually think of a factory of a major chocolate manufacturer and a complicated process behind it.  Still, in recent years, a "Bean to Bar" trend has become increasingly popular.  The focus is on small chocolate shops that use good quality cacao beans and start  the process from roasting , turning cacao beans into chocolate bars .  Unlike “Bean to Bar” most of the chocolate shops today would just purchase a couverture  chocolate from a major factory, add various flavors and harden it.  The idea behind “Bean to Bar” is to take control of the process from the start,  using raw beans and roasting, therefore increasing the variety of taste leaving more options to  the professional chocolate artists.
bean to chocolate
However, “Bean to Bar” is faced with three major problems:time inefficiency,  odor which comes out when roasting directly and sterilization of bacteria in cocoa beans.
cacao beans
The biggest advantage of “Bean to Bar” is taking the process out of the factories and mass production and channeling it into the small chocolate shops. The process is open and visible, connecting the origin country to the final product,  adding new values to the story of chocolate.
Roast Beans

Amazing Cacao roasting machine


 -cacao custom-

With just one push on the touch panel,roasting can be  easily done by anyone and that is the best feature of our  amazing roasting machine “NOVO MARKⅡ”.  Cool roasting is not only appearlance.  From the roasting program of maximum 100 patterns,  you can choose the one that is tailored to your desires  and preferences and get fresh and fragrance chocolate  at your store, ready to enjoy it.
A Green bean inlet Its compact design puts the  inlet at the perfect height   and makes filling it and easy  things to do.
B Touch panel Professional roasting can be  done in a short time and with only one touch of a panel.
C Roasting glass You can see the full process  of roasting  right in front of  you while you are enjoing  the delicious cacao aroma.
D Chaff Bottle This machine is very fast and  quiet and user-friendly making it accessible even to a person with no experience in roasting.
NOVO MARKⅡcacaocustom
NOVO MARKⅡcacaocustom
It's not just the appearance and performance! There are three additional reasons, why you should consider our roaster for your “Bean to Bar” shop
AUTOMATIC This machine is very fast and quiet and  user-friendly making it  accessible even to a person with  no experience in roasting.
SAFETY The heat source is safe and  secured (the number of fire  accidents is zero in the past 10  years). To minimize the bad odor,  we use  hot air technology, which  makes us unique in the current  market. These features are making  it safe for downtown areas and  shopping malls.
SPECIALTY BEANS Our 100 types of roasting  programs go from bitter to fruity  flavors, with wide variety of  choices. Pretty much anyone can  find their own personal flavor of  chocolate.
The origin Where does Cacao beans come from?  They come from area known as the Cacao belt. Its consists of  equatorial countories like Ivory Coast, Ghana, Venezuela,  Guatemala, Tanzania, Indonesia, Colombia, Cuba,etc.   There is something called single origin.  Its journey starts on a one single farm,and its origin can  always be tracked back to its roots.  It creates its own story that can never happen in mass  production. Every year it brings changes,  sometimes it’s sweeter , sometimes it’s bitter  but it is always unique as the life itself.
(Cacao beans 3 major species)  CRIOLLO Primord species originating from Mayan civilization in Central America. A distinctive scent is priceless as chocolate flavored beans. Because it is vulnerable to disease, cultivation is very difficult,  1% a little rare species of world production.  FORASTERO It is resistant to disease and easy to grow. Current mainstream of chocolate occupies more than 80% of world production. It is characterized by strong bitterness.  TORINITARIO Criollo and Forastello were mated in Republic of Trinidad and Tobago,  and features gentle and soft aroma like Criollo.  It is relatively disease-resistant and produces about 15% of the world.

The new normal of chocolate,

the one that Beginning with production area is finally coming to your town.

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